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New Men’s & Women’s Caterpillar (CAT) Footwear for Autumn/Winter 2011

CAT Footwear make Caterpillar boots and Caterpillar shoes based on the same core principles as their heavy industrial equipment. In the past decade and a half they have developed from work boots to offer a wide range of industrial and fashion patterns that make a style statement while staying true to their original goal of creating genuine, long-lasting Caterpillar shoes and Caterpillar boots. The uncompromising commitment to quality, versatility and constant innovation continues this Season (Autumn/Winter 2011) with the release of great new styles for men and women. Lets take... Read More

Cockroaches Will Survive A Nuclear War If They Wear DMs

Dr. Martens, with their thick soles, coloured leather and orange stitching are the original designer footwear. They have evolved from the original black or cherry red models to more diverse styles as a stream of adoring designers have fallen over themselves to contribute their own chapters to one of the most enduring icons in mens footwear fashion. One of the reasons they endure so well is because they are the most indestructible designer footwear of all time! If you have ever been a skinhead, Mod, Goth, hooligan, or Emo then... Read More