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Gorgeous New Styles From YOMA for Summer 2011

There were so many new gorgeous styles arrived from YOMA last week, we thought the best way to show you them was to make a slide show… click the image / play button below, let it load, and enjoy! But come back to let us know what you thought? [youtube=] Each style has so much exquisite detail we are sure these are going to be amongst our top sellers! If you would like to see them in more detail (that means more pictures) why not skip on over to Scorpio... Read More

7 Shoe Blogs You Should See

We have been reading a lot of blogs and following a few of their writers on Twitter recently. Here is our list of our top 7 Blogs you should visit regularly if, like us, you have a completely normal, rational, understandable yet unrelenting obsession with shoes! Aboutboots Blog: – http:// Shoe Blog: – Shoe Razzi: – Shoe Snob: – Manolo’s Shoe Blog: – Shoe Smitten: – Sea Of Shoes: –

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Pump Some Crazy Into Your Shoe Collection

12 Of The Wackiest, Unusual, Most Mad & Crazy Shoe Styles Available from Scorpio Shoes. Maybe I’ve been getting too much sun, maybe the planets are aligned in a peculiar way, who knows, but for some reason I’m feeling a little mad today! So I got to thinking about embracing the madness and selecting 12 of the more “unusual” shoes available from Scorpio Shoes, to inject some beloved anarchy into anybody’s shoe collection. So without further ado, [brace yourselves], unleash the CRAZY!!! If you want to find out more about... Read More

Pumpkins, horror films, and… new shoes of course!

Here at Scorpio we’ve always had a soft spot for the dark side, and we’ve been kitting out the gothic fraternity of the north east for decades, so it’s no suprise really that Halloween is one of our favourite holidays. Here’s a bit of trivia for you: the tradition of dressing up on Halloween started with the ancient Celts. They believed that on All Hallows Eve, the barrier between our world and the next was thinner, and evil spirits walked among us. Strangely enough, it was widely accepted that disguising... Read More