Women’s Footwear

Plan Your Shoe Wardrobe

For many women, shoes are not simply accessories – they are a passion. They hunt out women’s footwear sales and cannot resist the latest fashions. Some women are at the opposite end of this scale; they focus on basic performance and comfort. Then again some are middle-of-the-road types and like a bit of glitz and glamour and a lot of comfort as well.  The good news is that Scorpio Shoes cater to the needs of all the different types of women with women’s footwear that is glamorous, comfortable, designer-branded and... Read More

What Is The Best Shoe Type For You

Getting the best out of the available women’s footwear may be a problem if you are not well-organised in your search. If you visit us at Scorpio Shoes, then you will find that we have a very wide variety of women’s footwear, and the search for the right shoe may take time if you do not know what you are looking for. What is important is to know the size of the shoe you’re looking for as well as the colour and style. What next after this? After getting the... Read More

Perfect The Hunt For That Pair Of Shoes

Ladies are great hunters when it comes to looking for women’s footwear. With a keen eye for not only a bargain but for style aswell, the truth of the matter is that they have a penchant for shoes which cannot be matched by the men. Not that there’s any problem with that, of course! The woman who is in tune with who she is and the style she desires is a confident one who can wear it well. Looking for women’s designer shoes has also become easier over time thanks... Read More