Women’s Footwear

Rocket Dog – Cool And Funky

Rocket Dog began in 1997, in California, USA. Two guys with many years in the women’s footwear industry between them called Stephen Hoyt and Terry Anderson decided to join forces and create a cork bottom sandal which became a huge success. They decided to go into business and named their fledgling company after Stephen’s lively dog, Max, who liked nothing more than racing around the beach in the California sunshine. The brand initially took all of its inspiration from the urban and surf vibes of the Californian lifestyle, with the... Read More

The Most Popular Types Of Women’s Footwear

Women’s footwear spans a range of designs, shapes, colours and patterns, and the first way of categorising women’s footwear is by heel height. High-heels are two inches or higher, with stiletto heels having a pointed heel. These are the pinnacle of women’s footwear and are regarded as being the sexiest type of shoe. This is partly down to the physiological effects that wearing heels have on a woman’s body and partly down to the status that our society accords high-heels. Mid-heels or kitten heels tend to be from one and... Read More

The Power Of Women’s Footwear

Women’s relationship with women’s footwear has been immortalised in film, photography, literature and popular television. Sex and the City, one of the most popular long-running television series of all time – which has also produced one hit movie and another in the making – would have been a far lesser creation without the shoe addiction of Carrie Bradshaw, the leading lady. From the artistic to the macabre, from coffee table books to stories about women having surgery so that they can wear pointed shoes, womens footwear is behind all of... Read More

All About Our Women’s Ankle Boots

From within our women’s footwear range, we offer you a broad selection of ankle boots of the most up-to-the-minute fashions. These vary from western cowboy ankle boots to androgynous and retro designs, and include sexy Nitelife Electra ankle boots available in red or black and sporting high heels, and seemingly endless rows of buckled straps. Also available for women all the way from urban America is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star range of iconic basketball boots. Speaking of icons, how about the latest Rocket Dog Screamout ankle boots? For... Read More

More About Our Women’s Low Heels

Just as we stock fantastically stylish and durable woman’s footwear and high heels, so we also sell all the low heels a lady could possibly need. Our collection includes all the latest and most fashionable low-heeled footwear, ideal for both work and more laid-back social occasions. These vary from court shoes and beautifully decorated slip-ons to modestly heeled boots from all of your favourite brands. Specific women’s footwear items include leather slip-ons from Yoma with eye-catching and colourful floral detail. BlowFish sell the fashionista friendly heeled Willis ankle boot, while... Read More

Uncover The Women’s Sandals Range At Scorpio Shoes

Women’s flat shoes are perfect for taking it easy in a relaxing setting and in warm weather, whether you are out and about in town, by the pool or on the beach. We have a range of beautiful women’s footwear and sandals for leisured lifestyles, all of which offer unique combinations of affordability, comfort, novelty, style and durability. Our featured brands include *art, BlowFish, Bronx, Crocs, Dr Martens, FitFlop, Ravel, Roberto Botella, Rocket Dog and Vans. Together, they offer sandals to please all types of laid-back and individualistic wearer, ranging... Read More

Check Out Our Selection Of Women’s High Heels

Every woman needs to invest in a pair of high heels now and again, whether it is for a cool social occasion indoors, a mind-blowing night out or even if you’re just stuck back in the office. With a range of brands to push creativity over conformity, we stock seemingly as many different types of women’s footwear as there are personalities and styles, so no matter how individualistic or obscure your tastes, you won’t be disappointed. We sell a large variety of women’s high heel shoes from sought-after brands, including... Read More

My Mother’s Shoes

Little girls, and little boys for that matter, love to play at dressing up.  Although there are great dressing up costumes available on the high street, mum’s castoffs are still popular in the dressing up box.  However, it is the high heel shoes that little girls covet the most and they love to stomp around in a pair of retired sparkly shoes – even better is getting their hands, or rather feet, on your best brand new designer footwear. Over the past couple of decades there has been a huge... Read More

Seasonal Shoe Matters

The style of women’s footwear for the next season is inextricably linked to the seasonal changes in clothing fashion.  Obviously we will find sandals in the shops for the late spring and summer and boots are more likely to be on offer in the autumn and winter, but it is not by pure chance that the women’s footwear appearing on the high street each season looks at home with the clothes that are in the shops at the time.  Both men’s and women’s footwear designers work closely with clothes designers... Read More

Indulge Your Love For Shoes

Women’s footwear is a huge industry today due to the love that women have for their shoes. There are many women around the globe that are guilty of impulse buying. Not only magazines, jewellery and handbags but shoes too, and their closets are filling up with shoes that hardly ever get worn. Each year thousands of women across the country clean out their closets of last year and last season’s clothing, accessories and shoes to make place for the new buys they have yet to make. When you come to... Read More