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Etnies Skateboard BMX Trainers Available at 03/08/2012
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Scorpio Shoes Introduces Larger Range of Etnies Skateboard / BMX Trainers

Last season Scorpio Shoes introduced Etnies for the first time to our range of brands, and now following a fantastic response, we are pleased to build upon the range with the introduction of a much larger selection of styles from this manufacturer of high quality sports fashion wear. Not only do Etnies look freakishly cool, they are actually very capable and serious pieces of kit for skateboarding and BMX. Each style features an Ortho-lite insole for enhanced comfort and support, and is built using genuine leather / suede uppers. The... Read More

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Converse Trainers – New Sneakers For Autumn / Winter 2011

12 New Styles From Converse For Men & Women Converse have been hard at work developing innovative new styles for Autumn / Winter season 2011. The new colours are, we think, are bound to be a hit, with a selection of earthy tones, hot pinks, steel blues and a some leather options. The Converse canvas All Stars are a popular choice with teens for their casual style and enduring retro appeal. The distinctive design of Converse’s basketball shoes and boots are a perfect choice for boys, girls and active men... Read More

Sports Shoes For Indoor Sports

Indoor sports enjoy increased popularity during the winter months as outdoor activities become less attractive. However, athletes who are used to playing outdoor sports often do not change their footwear to suit their new environment. Sports shoes worn for outside events can differ significantly from those needed for indoor activities. Outdoor sports shoes need to be more robust so are heavier than indoor shoes, which are light in comparison. Heavier outdoor shoes will also leave ugly imprints on an indoor surface as they do not have the same non-marking rubber... Read More

Vans – The Dream Begins

Vans skate and sports shoes began life on the US west coast over 40 years ago. On 16 March 1966, in Anaheim, California, Paul Van Doren and three other partners opened their first ever shoe shop and the dream was born. Van Doren cut out the retail middle man and manufactured shoes for sale directly to the public. On that first day, 12 customers bought shoes that were made that morning and ready for collection in the afternoon. These original shoes had canvas uppers with thick-bottomed vulcanised soles – a... Read More

Buying Sports Shoes

Athletics is physically demanding and especially hard on the feet so choosing the right sports shoes is important. Running has one of the highest body impacts of any popular sport. It’s probably the best thing you can do to increase aerobic fitness and drop excess body fat without adding bulky muscles to your frame, but it’s tough on feet, ankles and knees. That goes double if you run on the road or pavement. Running on the grass of your local park or sports field is a littler friendlier on the... Read More

Trying On Sports Shoes At Home

While you can’t really try on shoes before you buy when shopping for sports shoes online – or when shopping online for designer footwear for that matter – you always have the opportunity to send them back if they are too big, too small, or just don’t fit quite right for any reason. The fit of your sports shoes will impact your performance and also your chances of an injury occurring. With that in mind, we thought we should give you some guidelines to help you assess the fit of... Read More

The New Generation Of Fitness Footwear

Sports shoes have evolved from models that help you perform at your best in the sporting arena to those that will actually help you get fit as you go about your day. While you should still choose dedicated running shoes for running and skate shoes for skateboarding, this new generation of sports shoes change the way you walk and build fitness and strength a little bit at a time, all the time. That’s good for your general health, good for your figure, and provides sports training that takes no extra... Read More

Top Tips For Buying Sports Shoes

It used to be that if you needed a pair of sports shoes, you went to the nearest department store or sports shop and bought a pair that seemed to fit and you liked the look of. Now, however, sports shoes have got incredibly technical. New advances in materials and technology now means that there is every chance that your sports shoes are made out of some space-age material. There is also every chance that you have no idea where to start with buying a new pair of sports shoes.... Read More

Advice On Buying Sports Shoes

Advice from sports scientists and physiotherapists is that sports shoes should be changed every 350 to 550 miles. This figure depends on the sport that the sports shoes are used for, the terrain (i.e. field, concrete or basketball court) and the individual wearing them (their size and weight). The problem with wearing sports shoes after they start losing their shape and support is that your joints won’t be protected during exercise. This means that you are more likely to aggravate existing injuries, or even begin to get fresh ones. Some... Read More

Come To Us For The Finest In Mens Sport’s Shoes

Men’s sports shoes and fitness shoes are ideal for use in a range of activities, from skateboarding to basketball. Whether you (or the man in your life) are such a sporty sort, or are just in need of footwear for lounging about at home or getting out and about, you’ll want a shoe that represents your own individuality and style, while also providing durability and comfort without breaking the bank. Here at Scorpio Shoes we sell sports shoes from a range of brands to suit your budget and fashion preferences.... Read More