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Birkenstock Joins The Scorpio Shoes Offering With Super Summer Sandals

How pleased are we to announce this? Very! Yes, at long last, Scorpio Shoes are proud to offer our customers the supportive, flexible and stylish range of sandals that are uniquely BIRKENSTOCK. We have 2 new styles for the men, and 2 styles for women. But before we tell you all about them, and in case you know nothing at all about them, lets explain the basics behind the Birkenstock. What makes them so comfortable and why do they have such a huge following of loyal customers who repeatedly buy... Read More

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Six of the best: Winter boots

One of the redeeming features of winter is that you can start wearing lovely comfy boots! Here are just a few of our top picks from our Autumn Winter 2010 range, available in store and at For the girls: These lovely slouchy boots from Dr. Martens come in such gorgeous colours like peacock green and purple, guaranteed to brighten up winter days! Also in black for a more classic and versatile look. Another favourite is these cute little ankle boots by Rocket Dog, with a knit upper in a... Read More

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New from Dr. Martens

Dr Martens celebrated 50 years of doing what they do this year: that’s five whole decades of being the go-to footwear of, amongst others, policemen and punks. Yes the irony isn’t lost on us either, but that’s part of their appeal, right? Read their own blog on the place of the humble Dr. Marten boot in popular culture over the years here. Go, read it. It’s interesting. Who would have thought that once upon a time the colour of your laces was indicative of your politics? While we’re on the... Read More

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Clever clogs

Clogs clacked their way into the trendysphere this summer a few seconds after Alexa Chung was spotted managing to walk serenely in a pair. Chanel seems to be the origin of this renaissance, with the high street hot on its shapely heels. Walking in them does take a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth persevering as they gradually become slipper-like on the comfort scale.  We’ve had a sneaky (well, not really sneaky, it’s kind of our job…) look at spring summer 2011’s styles and the clog is definitely... Read More

Base London – A Uniquely British Affair

Base London was created in 1995 after a gap was spotted in the high street market for branded formal mens footwear. Previously, fashion conscious consumers only had the choice between own label or high-end designer footwear. The market was crying out for a cool new brand that could offer the kind of exclusivity that was the traditional preserve of sports shoes like Reebok and Nike. Base London would become that cool new brand. Initially, Base London started with just a few shoes, the first of which was a moccasin called... Read More

The Legend Of Dr Martens

The year was 1945 and Dr Klaus Märtens, a German military doctor, was not a happy man. He had injured his foot while skiing and found that his uncomfortable army boots were a hindrance to his recovery. He took matters into his own hands and set about designing a new boot to help with his rehabilitation. The result was an orthopaedic boot with supple leather and air cushioned soles. Mens footwear would never be the same. Märtens had a friend who knew about the mens footwear industry called Dr Funck,... Read More

Sports Shoes For Indoor Sports

Indoor sports enjoy increased popularity during the winter months as outdoor activities become less attractive. However, athletes who are used to playing outdoor sports often do not change their footwear to suit their new environment. Sports shoes worn for outside events can differ significantly from those needed for indoor activities. Outdoor sports shoes need to be more robust so are heavier than indoor shoes, which are light in comparison. Heavier outdoor shoes will also leave ugly imprints on an indoor surface as they do not have the same non-marking rubber... Read More

Converse – The Daddy

Converse sports shoes are timeless. One of the most impressive things about them is that they will never, ever go out of style. Consider for just one moment how many sports shoes have come and gone over the years, and then think how Converse, who were first created over a hundred years ago, has lasted through it all without radically changing very much at all. From humble beginnings, Converse has grown to become one of America’s most enduring brands. The first Converse shoes were created in 1908 as rubber-soled footwear... Read More

Rocket Dog – Too Good

Rocket Dog women’s footwear has become incredibly popular in recent years. They offer funky footwear to females who are conscious of their style but unwilling to be a fashion slave. Rocket Dog is for the every-day gal who wants to look good but doesn’t want to splash out on high end designer footwear. So, if you are in the market for something new and edgy that won’t dent your overdraft then some Rocket dogs could be the very thing for you. Rocket Dog take great pride in offering women’s footwear... Read More

Vans – The Dream Begins

Vans skate and sports shoes began life on the US west coast over 40 years ago. On 16 March 1966, in Anaheim, California, Paul Van Doren and three other partners opened their first ever shoe shop and the dream was born. Van Doren cut out the retail middle man and manufactured shoes for sale directly to the public. On that first day, 12 customers bought shoes that were made that morning and ready for collection in the afternoon. These original shoes had canvas uppers with thick-bottomed vulcanised soles – a... Read More