Men’s Footwear

The Importance Of Men’s Footwear

While women’s relationship with shoes and shoe shopping has been much documented in popular culture, the relationship between men and men’s footwear is less well-known. Does this mean that men aren’t as interested in footwear as women? You couldn’t blame them if that was the case, for the history of men’s footwear did not offer as much to the imagination and sense of aesthetic beauty as women’s footwear used to. Women’s shoes come in all colours, from midnight-black to fire-engine red. They come in many textures from patent to suede... Read More

The Best In Men’s Western Cowboy Boots

For the ultimate in that distinctive western cowboy style for your men’s footwear, come to Scorpio Shoes. We sell a range of such boots for all manner of occasions. Our featured brands include Caterpillar (CAT), Dr Martens, Harley Davidson, Loblan and New Rock, as well as Grinders, which among other items, sells the Maverick, which is a jaw-dropping ankle boot with a low, 5cm heel available with either crazy horse or oily leather uppers. Caterpillar, meanwhile, sells the Legendary Raw P710476 Vinson boots, which is men’s footwear designed for the... Read More

Not Everyone Wants The Same Shoes

To an extent, in the modern world all of us are governed by style. For some of us it is by the styles we see on our local high street once the season’s look has filtered down from the big fashion houses.  For others it is a classical style that is unlikely to date, even if it doesn’t sporadically set the world on fire. While individualists may attempt to defy convention, in fashion they rarely escape from it entirely. Regardless of your style, your footwear helps to make it complete.... Read More

Men Buy Shoes For Themselves

Years ago, when the market was quite sterile, men would either just buy any old shoe or let their partner pick a pair out for them.  Most men rarely bought men’s footwear unless they had a woman in close proximity to say ‘Yes’, or raise an eyebrow that said just the opposite.  Times have changed and fashion is now something that most men can do for themselves.  Instead of being dragged out shopping they are suggesting it or even just going out shopping with their mates. Men are also at... Read More

Wise Up About Men’s Footwear

When your wife or girlfriend nags you about wearing the same old pair of shoes that you have been wearing for five years, listen to her because she actually knows a thing or two about fashion! Men’s footwear, whatever women may think, is as diverse and as eclectic as ever before. There are so many unique brands and styles currently on the market that deliver the best in both comfort and style, and we have a huge range of men’s footwear for you to browse at Scorpio Shoes. Our range... Read More

Something For The Men

Shoes are always assumed to be the women’s department, but more and more men are starting to take pride in what they wear on their feet. The men’s footwear industry in recent years has bloomed like never before. Settling for one type of plain shoe is long gone and men now have more of a choice of men’s footwear than ever before. Dress shoes are getting dressier and trainers are getting funkier without losing their durability. Here is a look into the world of men’s footwear as it stands at... Read More