Kid’s Footwear

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Vans Trainers Skate Shoes Up To 30% Off for Go Skateboarding Day 21st June

Go Skateboarding Day is 21st June! “Eh? Are you serious?” you may well ask. Well, yes actually. “Every year on June 21, skateboarders around the globe celebrate the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most influential activities in the world by blowing off all other obligations to go skateboarding.” proudly announces the official website of the event It seems like every day there is an event of some kind being given its own official “day” of the year, and its easy to get cynical about the... Read More

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How to Wear Converse Trainers – Fashion Collections

Converse trainers are proving to be a massive hit with people on, with many users designing sets of clothing, jewelry, accessories and make up to go with them. For the last two weeks we have been curating a collection of sets that include converse trainers, to see what how people are wearing them. The range of looks goes from goth punk alternative, with the pink All Star High proving especially popular, to everyday casual wear with jeans and tee shirt. Here is our selection of the best sets, chosen... Read More

Shoe Shopping: Online Or The High Street?

Like anything, shopping online has pros and cons. When shopping for women’s, men’s, or kids footwear the disadvantages are pretty obvious – not being able to try the shoes before you buy online is the big one. Of course, you can always send them back and we at Scorpio Shoes will do everything we can to make sure you select the best size in the first place, and will go to the ends of the earth to ensure you are happy with your purchase. There is a lot to be... Read More

Buying Kids Footwear Online

Every parent knows that it’s important to get the very best possible value for money when buying kids footwear, because you have to do it so often. A boy might have size one feet at seven and size 11 feet at seventeen- that’s one full size per year for ten years, in just sports shoes or school shoes. A single good pair of boots for an adult can easily last that long. All added up, children go through a lot of shoes. And of course, a lot of shoe money... Read More

How To Make Buying Kids Footwear Less Stressful

Buying kids footwear can be a traumatising experience – and that’s only the adults we’re talking about! Kids footwear is essential to get right. The wrong fit can damage children’s feet, give them back problems or cause them to slip over when they are playing or running around. But it can be difficult to get all of this right without your child throwing an enormous tantrum in the shop, or, even worse, refusing to go shopping for shoes in the first place. Involving your child in the buying of kids... Read More

How To Buy Kids Footwear

Buying your child’s first pair of kids footwear is an important moment for parents and for the child. Children, on the whole, love wearing shoes. Thanks to the creativity and passion of kids footwear designers, children can enjoy the look of the bright colours and patterns that many shoes these days incorporate. But buying shoes is not all about choosing the prettiest or cutest pair that you can afford, or allowing your two-year old to chose a pair of shoes based on her favourite character. There are some important considerations... Read More

Shop With Us For The Best In Kids Footwear

When shopping for your kids footwear, you will doubtless want them to have the most comfortable, durable and stylish little numbers to cater for their rapidly developing fashion senses, not to mention in a wide range of sizes available for the best price. Here at Scorpio Shoes, we stock massive lines in kids footwear to suit the tastes of boys, girls and teenagers, covering top brands such as Converse, Dr Martens and Vans. These include smart shoes for school, slip-ons, boots and kids casual shoes. Items on sale right now... Read More

Big Foot, Small Foot

If you have big feet or small feet, finding shoes to fit you can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare. However, you still want to have nice shoes, in fact you may even want to have great shoes. For women under a 4 and for men over an 11, sometimes the shoe shops just do not have anything to offer in your sizes.  Of course, if you are woman with small feet there are sometimes shoes in the kids footwear section that are fine, but for some women it... Read More

Don’t Forget About The Kids

If you are buying yourself designer footwear, stop and spare a thought for your kids, tweens and teenagers. They deserve the same comfort, luxury and style that you are treating yourself to, and there is no better place to get it than Scorpio Shoes! You may think that to kids, shoes are just shoes but they are more than just that. To a growing child shoes are as important as toys. Here are the reasons why: Growing little feet When you purchase kids footwear, you need to invest in quality... Read More

Smart Buying For Kids Footwear

The top frustration for parents when buying kids footwear is that kids grow out of their shoes so fast. This means replacing sneakers, school shoes and boots regularly. It’s not surprising that parents look at many ways to save on having to constantly buy new kids footwear. You need to make sure that your child’s shoes are not only comfortable, but also attractive and won’t give them aches and pains. At Scorpio Shoes we do not offer shoes of inferior quality that are poorly fitting at a high price. All... Read More