Designer Footwear

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Steam Punk & Victoriana Fashion Footwear comes to Scorpio Shoes courtesy of Hades

Hades shoes are masterpieces of footwear design, drawing heavily from the modern Steam-punk Victoriana movement. High quality leather , extreme sci-fi sole units, crystals, cogs, levers, and gears all combine to produce instant shoe design classics that hark back to the irresistibly romantic allure of Victorian Adventure and provide you with the ideal shoes to compliment your steam-punk outfit, or indeed, the perfect high heels to make you stand out in the crowd. Hades UK believe that you should stride elegantly into your own adventures. A lady’s first step onto... Read More

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Stuck For Father’s Day Gift Ideas? What DO you get the man who has EVERYTHING?

Stuck for a gift idea for Fathers Day? What about a Great Pair of Shoes? It comes round quicker every year, sneaks up on you, and when you notice it’s nearly upon you, panics you into thinking of what to get your Dad to show him you love him.  This is the man who literally has everything. If you were to offer him a thingamybob for a whimwhamwowzer, he’d show you he already has three of them, in different sizes and colours! Am I right? And it’s no good asking... Read More

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630 Styles Reduced! The Scorpio Shoes Winter Sale: Bargains from £6.00

Happy New Year! Another post-Christmas, waiting-to-be-paid, long, dark, cold, blustery, month of January 2012 ahead? Feeling a bit blue because you are back at work with your nose to the grindstone? Never mind, Scorpio Shoes can provide you with the little pick-me-up you need to put a smile back on those chops! And don’t worry if you are skint, because there are some PROPER bargains to be had. The winter Sale is now on at Scorpio Shoes! And this is shaping up to be the biggest, bestest, most-stock-clear-out-est SALE Scorpio... Read More

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3 Absolutely Stunning New Styles From TUK

TUK have truly outdone themselves this time! Check these bad boys out! If ever there were shoes sure to spark a frenzied outcry of “OMG! I MUST have those shoes!”, then we think these are they! First up we have the A7875L Womens Patent Leather High Heel Concealed Platform Shoes in Red & Black… Definitely a killer pair of heels to ‘knock ’em dead’ in; the TUK A7875L has rich deep red patent leather uppers with a distinctive black leaf embroidered design over the toe and concealed platform. Soft black... Read More

Converse – The Daddy

Converse sports shoes are timeless. One of the most impressive things about them is that they will never, ever go out of style. Consider for just one moment how many sports shoes have come and gone over the years, and then think how Converse, who were first created over a hundred years ago, has lasted through it all without radically changing very much at all. From humble beginnings, Converse has grown to become one of America’s most enduring brands. The first Converse shoes were created in 1908 as rubber-soled footwear... Read More

Fitting Men’s And Women’s Footwear

While it’s not possible to try on designer footwear over the internet, you can always return any pair that doesn’t fit and try a bigger or smaller size or a completely different style altogether. That is, unless you’ve already worn the shoes outside. Then they are yours, unless there is some kind of manufacturing fault. In that case you always have a statutory right to send them back for repair, replacement, or refund no matter where you shop. That goes equally for online and normal walk-in men’s and women’s designer... Read More

Fitting Shoes Yourself

At Scorpio Shoes we have shops where you can come and try on any of our range of everyday and designer footwear, but for our online customers we obviously can’t offer the same kind of fitting service. However, we can give you some basics tests that will help you decide whether or not a pair of women and men’s designer shoes will be comfortable for you in the long term, based on how they fit when you try them on at home. Don’t assume shoes will wear in. Designer footwear... Read More

Designer Footwear At Scorpio Shoes

The internet is the best place to shop for designer footwear. The range available is bigger than even London’s best shopping districts, and prices are kept competitive because it’s so easy to compare one company against another. Especially away from the big cities it can be really hard to find the right designer footwear for you in offline retailers, so going online is the answer. At Scorpio Shoes we’ve got a colossal range from the eco-friendly and funky, to the elegant and refined, to the genuinely outrageous and spectacular. We... Read More

Tips And Tricks For Buying Designer Footwear Online

Buying designer footwear or any kind of shoes without trying them on is difficult, but there are some fabulous bargains to be found online and some of them are just too good to miss out on. Each manufacturer sizes their shoes slightly differently and shapes their men’s and women’s designer shoes on different lasts. That means you can never be quite sure that your normal size will be the right one. Of course, when buying online from Scorpio Shoes you can always return a pair of shoes that just don’t... Read More