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Dr Martens – Classic British Footwear

Doc Martens may be the classic British boots. Although invented in Germany, Dr Martens are best known as a British institution. The classic cherry red, 14 hole version was the first to arrive in the early 1960s. Immediately popular with factory workers and those who needed really tough, comfortable men’s footwear, they became intimately entwined with the history of the UK music scene and the rise of punk music in the late 70s and 80s. The instantly recognisable but brilliantly diverse Dr Martens range of women’s and men’s formal boots... Read More

Ever wondered what DaM-FunK keeps in his closet?

No, me neither. But there’s nothing like a little party to get tongues wagging and what better place to proclaim your love of DM’s than at the Dr Martens 50th Anniversary celebrations. As part of the whole shabang, Dr Martens have gotten together 10 record artists from DaM-FunK to The Noisettes to produce 10 music tracks with 10 all new music videos to go with them. The first batch are live on DMs website for you to watch along with lists of Dr Martens footwear that each artist wears. Needless... Read More


Week 2 of the Dr Martens 50th Anniversary Sale

It’s now week two of the 50th Anniversary Sales at Scorpio Shoes, celebrating half-a-century of DM footwear! This week, we’ll be knocking a selection of reimagined classics down to £50 for limited periods so you’ll need to get your skates on grab yourself a bargain. Our great selection of mens and womens shoes and boots in the sale this week include patent 1460’s; premium leather, chelsea ankle boots; and some wonderful suede leather shoes. Be sure to check out the picture below to find out what’s on sale when and... Read More


50 Years of Dr Martens

On the 1st April (no joke, honest), Dr Martens will be celebrating 50 years since the iconic 1460 ankle boots rolled off the production line. With great artists like DaM-FunK and the Noisettes creating bespoke covers just for the special day.