To all our customers, friends and Facebook followers

Some of you may have seen the vitriolic and abusive comments posted on Facebook reviews by an unhappy customer recently.

We do try and keep all our customers happy but are realistic enough to realise that this will not always be possible when dealing with complaints. As a company, we do not have a blanket ‘one size fits all’ policy when dealing with complaints and prefer to treat customers as individuals and look at each complaint on its merits. In this instance the customer was offered a solution to his complaint which he originally accepted. After the complaint had been dealt with, he changed his mind and wanted more than he had originally accepted, wanting shoes that we do not sell. For goodwill we did offer a compromise but this was rejected in an email accompanied by a stream of bad language.

At no time did any of our staff use abusive language towards this customer but we have been subject to very personal attacks and foul language that should not be posted on an open forum for all to read and we must apologise to any of our customers, friends and Facebook followers who are offended by the use of C**T, F*****G, A*******S and B******S on our Facebook review page.

Please also be assured that Scorpio Shoes do only sell genuine products and not counterfeits as this customer has accused us of and that we will continue to strive to give the best customer service that we possibly can. We have been in business for almost 60 years and appreciate that it is our customer loyalty and the shoes we sell that has gone long way to helping us achieve this.

Many thanks from all at Scorpio

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