Not so much trains, planes and automobiles as boots, tattoos and the orient

The arrival of these two fabulous Japanese style tattoo print Dr Martens boots in our warehouse prompted all kinds of musing – once the oohs, aahs and “so that’s what I’m spending this week’s pay on” had subsided of course.

It’s odd where a line of thought can take you.  Some of us older members of the team here (or seasoned and teaming with life experience as I like to call it) could remember songs with a Japanese theme to it like a Deep Purple number called WOMAN FROM TOKYO (1972) and TURNING JAPANESE (THE VAPOURS 1980). Showing what a mixed bag we are here, after a few minutes other Japan related titles tripped from the lips including; KONICHIWA BITCHES – ROBYN (2005), HARAJUKU GIRLS – GWEN STEFANI (2004), ROBOTO – STYX (1983), TOKYO JOE – BRIAN FERRY (1977), LEFT HANDED SUZUKI METHOD – GORILLAZ (2001), BIG IN JAPAN – ALPHAVILLE (1984), TOKYO I’M ON MY WAY – PUFFY AMIYUMI (2006), UNFORGETTABLE FIRE – U2 (1984) and JAPANESE BOY – ANEKA (1981); closely followed by songs with a wider oriental leaning ranging from Disney’s “WE ARE SIAMESE” (Lady and the Tramp – 1955) and I LIKE CHINESE (MONTY PYTHON – 1987) to Bowie’s CHINA GIRL (1983)and Pys’s GANGNAM STYLE (2012)

And as for tattoos, haven’t they changed! Gone are the days when a heart and a dagger or ‘mother’ on the arms of gnarly old sea dogs and servicemen was all you saw.  They are now fully mainstream and over half of our staff have them not to mention our lovely customers.  The oriental influence is well and truly here to stay in the body art world and during our visits to tattoo shows we have seen some phenomenal work from full body tats to names in Kanji and Katakana.

The oriental influences in the UK and wider western world don’t stop with tattoos and music.  What about all the great food available in takeaways, restaurants and the local supermarket. And then there’s literature, TV and games with Pokemon and Manga.  All facets of oriental culture can be found in Britain so even if you aren’t lucky enough to journey to Tokyo and the Ginza or Bangkok and Khaosan Road you can sample the orient without moving from your armchair via mobile and tablet.

And where do the trains, planes and automobiles come in you might be wondering.  Well, we think either of these boots would be great talking pieces on your holiday or daily travels.  So if you have a fondness for all things oriental or are experiencing nostalgia for 1970’s psychedelia or just simply love your tats, then a pair of either of these boots could be for you.

Let us know what you think about music, all things oriental or anything else that takes your fancy or if you want to send us photos of your tattoos we always welcome a Tweet and visitors to Facebook

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