Are you a winner?

As we previously advertised, Scorpio Shoes were featuring at this years Manchester International Tattoo Show. It was a great weekend, and while Steve didn’t end up getting tattooed his better half Laura got a lovely little gecko tattoo on her foot.  We just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came over and said hello and everyone who helped us out before, during and after the event, we couldn’t have done it without you.

 IMG_6935 IMG_6931

And now to the bit you all want to know, the competition winners…

Dr Martens Satchel

The amazing Dr Martens satchel was won by none other than “Wolfy” you know the one from Big Brother. Seems that this girl is not only lucky enough to get chosen from millions of applicants to appear on BB but she also managed to get randomly drawn to win the much sought after satchel too. So congratulations to you Wolfy we hope you enjoy your new bag.

Hades Shoes

The winner of our Hades competition was Becca Archibald and she won a fantastic pair of Hades Iron Punk shoes. These shoes were a hot topic so well done Becca, your shoes will be on their way to you shortly.

TUK Shoes

Samantha F is our next winner and 2 pairs of TUK shoes will soon be arriving at your door courtesy of our “Summer of Love” competition. Congratulations Samantha we hope you and your partner love them as much as we loved your photo.

Iron Fist Shoes

After an initial issue with the voting on Facebook our Iron Fist contest soon got going. We had plenty of entries and after the votes were tallied the results were as follows:

1st place = Jo Sh!tstorm – wins 3 pairs of Iron Fist shoes

2nd place = Ashley Bira – wins 2 pair

3rd place = Joane Rose Fawcett – wins 1 pair

Rocket Dog Shoes

With 12 pairs of Rocket Dog shoes to give away we split the draw over both days of the event to make sure everyone had an equal chance of wining. We have listed the winners on each day below, were you one?


Lucy Malone

Jordan Baxter

Sophie Cheetham

Lewis Goulden

Leanne Stephen

Maggie Baldwin


Emma Whittaker

Lauren Brock

Carrie Calvert

J. Stanway

Helen Burgin

Jessica Cody

Congratulations to all of our winners, you will all be contacted using the details you provided us with And once again we want to give a big thank you to Dr Martens, Hades, Iron Fist, TUK, Rocket Dog, Skin Deep, Big Tattoo Planet  and everyone at Manchester international Tattoo Show.

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