Stuck For Father’s Day Gift Ideas? What DO you get the man who has EVERYTHING?

Stuck for a gift idea for Fathers Day? What about a Great Pair of Shoes?

It comes round quicker every year, sneaks up on you, and when you notice it’s nearly upon you, panics you into thinking of what to get your Dad to show him you love him.  This is the man who literally has everything. If you were to offer him a thingamybob for a whimwhamwowzer, he’d show you he already has three of them, in different sizes and colours! Am I right?

And it’s no good asking him outright…

“Dad, what would you like for Father’s Day?”

“Oh nothing. I already have all that a man could want” he will say, before grinning and bear hugging the very life force out of you.

Absolutely no help whatsoever is resolving your problem. But you can’t just actually get him NOTHING, like he says, can you?

Imagine his face?!

“Well, Dad, you said not to bother…”

“uh huh.” and off he would skulk to his shed to arrange his thingamybobs and count his whimwhamwowzers.

It’s a problem as old as time itself, but its a problem that does have solutions, if you know where to look. You need something original. Something he can use or wear. Something he will like. Something none of the other Dads down the pub will have. Something he can boast to his drinking buddies “oh, my Son / Daughter got me them for Fathers Day. Not too bad are they?”

But where can you get something that fills this very specific criteria???

Ahem…. take a look below ↓

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Dads Deserve The Best on Fathers Day! Gift Ideas for Shoes & Boots

Dads Deserve The Best on Fathers Day! Gift Ideas for Shoes & Boots

Happy Fathers Day with 20% Off Gucinari & CATERPILLAR Footwear


There are loads more unique and original styles available from top brands such as Hey Dude, Caterpillar, Gucinari, Dr Martens, Bronx, Ikon, Base London, and lots more. You only need to know your Dad’s shoe size now!

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