Dr Martens – So Much More Than Just Great Footwear.

Dr Martens, surely you must know by now, are world famous for their iconic air cushioned footwear, that first exploded on to the scene in 1960. Today Dr Martens are producing so much more than just great boots and shoes, (most of you will know the 1460 boot and 1461 shoe), we are seeing an ever growing product range now that includes cases for high tech electronics such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, laptop carry bags, wallets, and a distinctive range of clothing for both women and men.

We have put together a set of items over on Polyvore.com that showcases the fantastic range that Dr Martens are now producing. With their boots more popular now than ever before, imagine the jealous looks on your friends faces when they find out the knee high socks you are wearing them with are also made by DM. Check out the range on our polyvore collection. Dr Martens Boots & Shoes are available from you know who.

Dr Martens Cherry Red Croc

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