Firm Up. Feel Good. New FitFlop Styles For Spring/Summer 2011.

Say hello to the all-new range of super summer footwear, just in at!

The women in our office gathered around the piles of freshly unpacked shoes while somewhere far away, their husband’s wallets trembled with a sense of the inevitable spending spree to come.

Available in a choice of colours; Black, Pebble Grey, or Fuchsine Purple; the first style to be unboxed was the FitFlop Frou. Peeled from the wrapping tissue and held aloft, the gasps of amazement was unmistakable as the women admired it’s frilly pile of delicatly folded suede leather and slimline straps.

Brand new from FitFlop for Spring/Summer 2011, the Frou offer a fabulously feminine, floral-inspired design that’s sure to garner attention everywhere you go. Built on a wood-effect finished midsole, the FitFlop sandals feature the famous muscle-toning Microwobbleboard™ technology to ensure that you can firm up and feel good! Workout while you walk!

With such a fantastic display as this, it wasn’t long before someone had a pair out of the box and on their feet. Based on the original Microwobbleboard™ design, the sole unit of the FitFlop Frou instantly offered the familiar sense of comfort and muscle activation we have come to expect from their superb range of sandals. A fun sandal that is just what you need when you want to get out of the office, our staff agreed that the decorative foral styling deserves to be flaunted. With a summer dress or skirt, the FitFlop Frou perfectly compliment the legs that they help to tone with every step.

Their appetites suitable whet, we moved on to the next style; the evocatively named Electra Strata. Unboxing these sandals, the anticipation of an even more stylish offering than last years big hit – the Electra – was not misplaced.
Available in Tiger Eye Bronze, Palladium, and Black Magic, the enticing Electra Strata from FitFlop are decked out with a triple-tonal stack of shimmering sequins for a richer colour than ever before. Soft and flexible, the leather uppers arch over the foot from the slimline toe-post, while the inside is lined with a soft microfiber to allow for maximum comfort while you walk.

An excited bunch, the women were eager to see what FitFlop had in store for them next, and that is when the room fell silent. The upbeat atmosphere of the office died as the next box was revealed… Mens. The women parted and the men – who had hither-to given the occasional, intrigued glance from the back of the room – now moved up to see just what they had all been waiting for.

Introducing the Mens FitFlop Gogh and Gogh Slide

The FitFlop Men’s Leather Gogh are the antidote to tight-laced work shoes; a perfect, versatile and foot-friendly clog-style sandal that has been engineered with the famous muscle-loading mid-sole to help diffuse high pressure hotspots underfoot and almost instantly relieve aching feet.

The Gogh sandals are made from quality, creased leather that feels soft to the touch and offers a flexible fit with a detachable, leather backstrap. Cleverly designed, the FitFlop Gogh sandals hide the ‘toning sole’ for a balanced combination of fun and fitness. The Area Manager slipped a pair on his feet and that-was-that, they were sold before they were even booked in.

Similarly, the Gogh Slide are a sandal to get your socks off for. A versatile and foot-friendly casual choice for your weekend wear through Spring/Summer 2011 the Gogh Slide are built with two wide straps that arch across the foot and toes. The open design of the mens FitFlop sandals means that they are easy to slip-on whenever you need them and the Aegis™-treated, microfiber inner-lining feels soft against the skin and provides microbial protection. The men of the office found these to be comfortable and a good balance of fun and fitness. We definitely anticipate these to sell well so be sure to get your pair today for your summer holidays.

The final reveal of the day united the guys and gals at Scorpio Shoes. The FitFlop Supertone Sneakers are a great shoe for any time of the year and best of all, it’s available in a range of colours and materials for both men and women.

Men's Supertone Leather Trainers Black

Men's Supertone Leather Trainers Grey

Women's Supertone Suede Blue

Women's Supertone Leather White

Women's Supertone Leather Silver

Women's Supertone Leather Black

Whether you’re a recovering sports warrior in need of a ‘wonder shoe’, or simply after casual weekend or commuter wear, the FitFlop Supertone are biomechanically engineered to absorb 22% more shock and help diminish pressure for relief that you can wear on your feet. The FitFlop  Supertone come in smooth leather, pigskin, and suede leather that is soft and flexible, offering a comfortable fit that our staff said felt superb on the foot. The best part of course, is that with the hidden toning sole, these shoes look like a sneaker you can show off rather than a fitness shoe, so you can get a workout while you walk and nobody will know.

And that was the end of the FitFlop unboxing. Everyone went back to work, one of them wearing a pair of comfortable sandals and several others resolved to buy them by the end of the day.

So for anyone looking to get a little more exercise and help strengthen their calves, thighs, bum and back, we highly recommend you try out the FitFlop sandals and sneakers. The shoes are all available now in our Spennymoor, Durham and Newcastle stores as well as our website – – and we’d love to hear what you think. If you have an amazing story or just love your FitFlop, feel free to comment or perhaps even leave a review.

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To find out more about the wonderful “Get a workout while you walk” technology from FitFlop, click here.

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  • I bought these on a recent trip. The shoes I brought gave me blisters and I was desperate for a comfortable walking shoe. These shoes were a godsend. I wore them for a week and lower back pain also went away as well as no more blisters! I can’t say enough. Teenage daughters may mock you a bit but well worth it for the comfort.