Havaianas – Perfect Summer Footwear

Havaianas Flip Flops are now in stock for the Summer at Scorpio Shoes!

Summer footwear should be fuss free and relaxed, and these iconic flip-flops from Havaianas are just the job. The design has endured decades and the Havaianas brand is synonymous with chilled out summer style.

The Havaianas flip-flop, if you have never heard or seen one before, has a soft rubber sole which is pliant and flexible, offering good support and a fantastic level of comfort. They sport a thong / toe post strap over the foot, allowing maximum exposure of the foot. The sole of the Brasil men’s flip-flops tapers from 1.5cm thick (0.5 inches) at the front to 2cm (0.75 inches) at the back for extra comfort and stability, and the outsole is ridged for a sure-footed step.

The insoles are textured for grip with Havaianas trademark rice print, while the inner of the thong is smooth. With no fabric parts, these flip-flops dry quickly so are perfect whether you’re strolling along tropical beaches or lazing by the pool.

Havaianas Facts:

  • Havaianas reuse 90% of the left over rubber from their manufacturing process to feedback into their production line. Only 10% is not reused by themselves, but does get used by other industries.
  • Last year, 184 million pairs of Havaianas were sold. That is 6 per second! Wowzaz!
  • The name “Havaianas” actually means “Hawaiians” in English.
  • Two guys practically crossed Brazil wearing Havaianas. That is 2.6 Thousand Kilometers! And that is how long they state one pair will last. What does that mean to the rest of us who don’t do cross-country treks? About 5 – 6 months wear, say Havaianas.

Here are the new season styles available over at our online store. Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think.

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