The Most Popular Types Of Women’s Footwear

Women’s footwear spans a range of designs, shapes, colours and patterns, and the first way of categorising women’s footwear is by heel height.

High-heels are two inches or higher, with stiletto heels having a pointed heel. These are the pinnacle of women’s footwear and are regarded as being the sexiest type of shoe. This is partly down to the physiological effects that wearing heels have on a woman’s body and partly down to the status that our society accords high-heels.

Mid-heels or kitten heels tend to be from one and a half to two inches in height, and are more usually worn on a day to day basis. Women are advised to regularly change their women’s footwear by foot specialists because of the long-term health effects of high-heels on the back and legs. For this reason kitten heels are seen as being more wearable.

Flat shoes or pumps have grown in popularity over recent years. The ubiquitous ballet pump is a popular part of the celebrity and model off-duty wardrobe, and TV presenter Alexa Chung has single-handedly made women’s flat shoes a red carpet fashion staple.

Other styles of womens designer shoes include mules, which are backless shoes or slippers and slingbacks, which are shoes which have a strap behind the heel as opposed to the top or the foot.

Boots, which are usually referred to as anything going above the ankle, can come in all heels sizes as outlined above.

The plethora of womens footwear is not restricted to what is outlined here – summer footwear and sports shoes are welcome additions to any woman’s wardrobe.

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