Seasonal Shoe Matters

The style of women’s footwear for the next season is inextricably linked to the seasonal changes in clothing fashion.  Obviously we will find sandals in the shops for the late spring and summer and boots are more likely to be on offer in the autumn and winter, but it is not by pure chance that the women’s footwear appearing on the high street each season looks at home with the clothes that are in the shops at the time.  Both men’s and women’s footwear designers work closely with clothes designers to make sure that everything works together.

This is reasonable as both the fashion manufacturers and the footwear manufacturers want us to buy their products each season rather than just wear what we bought last summer or winter.  However, all too often fashion comes with a high price tag so it pays to shop around for the best prices on women’s designer shoes whether you are looking for a designer heel or a new pair of Vans.  Here at Scorpio Shoes we only sell footwear and we always stock the current fashions in shoes plus a whole range of popular leisure brands.

Buying from the web means you get delivery to your door without having to go out of it, and we can offer free UK delivery on all items over £20.  So when you need style and still want change in your pocket, having a look online for your women’s designer shoes is a good way to be ahead of the game, whatever next season brings.

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