My Mother’s Shoes

Little girls, and little boys for that matter, love to play at dressing up.  Although there are great dressing up costumes available on the high street, mum’s castoffs are still popular in the dressing up box.  However, it is the high heel shoes that little girls covet the most and they love to stomp around in a pair of retired sparkly shoes – even better is getting their hands, or rather feet, on your best brand new designer footwear.

Over the past couple of decades there has been a huge boom in the sales of women’s footwear.  Compared to generations before us, who had a pair of shoes for normal days and a pair of shoes for best, today’s woman will have a great selection of women’s footwear.  High heels, low heels, flat shoes, leisure shoes, sports shoes or boots – women’s footwear is available for every conceivable occasion.  Prices are much more affordable than they once were and we are more interested in clothes and fashion in general.

However, the vast majority of us still like to get value for money and a bargain is even better, so we will shop around for well-priced women’s designer shoes.  If we can’t find what we want then we are actually becoming less likely to buy something just for the sake of it. Here at Scorpio Shoes  we understand how you like to shop and that you want great women’s designer shoes, good prices and quick delivery – so that’s what you get.  Our strap line isn’t ‘No shit just shoes’ for nothing!

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