What Is The Best Shoe Type For You

Getting the best out of the available women’s footwear may be a problem if you are not well-organised in your search. If you visit us at Scorpio Shoes, then you will find that we have a very wide variety of women’s footwear, and the search for the right shoe may take time if you do not know what you are looking for. What is important is to know the size of the shoe you’re looking for as well as the colour and style.

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After getting the right size and colour, it is also important that you look at the brands of shoes which are available. If it is an Oxford for example, then it is the traditional shoe with laces and this suits a certain occasion, while sandals are stylish and attractive women’s footwear that are great for summer wear.

Sandals are comfortable for warmer weather, and they are made of a flat or raised sole which is secured to the foot and ankle by straps. These straps can vary in design from a chunky leather number good for hippies and folk festivals, through to slender black corded designs for those who prefer to wear sandals in the evening.

There is also a wedge which is a shoe that covers a broad range of women’s footwear and the common feature is that the raised sole does not have a space between the toe and the heel

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