To all our customers, friends and Facebook followers

Some of you may have seen the vitriolic and abusive comments posted on Facebook reviews by an unhappy customer recently. We do try and keep all our customers happy but are realistic enough to realise that this will not always be possible when dealing with complaints. As a company, we do not have a blanket ‘one size fits all’ policy … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Goodies!

In addition to dad, father’s day also celebrates close family members – husband, granddad, father-in-law, son, son-in-law, grandson, great-grandpa, uncle, brother and nephew, as well as godson, godfather and cousin or whoever else you can think of who is worth celebrating!. Many people might consider Father’s day to be ‘just another Hallmark holiday’ (many other brands are available!)… All of us here … Continue reading

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Sun, sand and summer festivals

Summer festivals are all we can think about right now! A pair of rain and mud proof shoes is an essential item for a summer festival, along with sandals for when the sun decides to shine. Probably the biggest festival of the season, Glastonbury officially kicks off on Wednesday 24th June this year (meaning there are only 20 days to … Continue reading

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“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – and new shoes too”

Although it may not be very noticeable at the minute, summer is on its way, which can only mean one thing – wedding season is in full flight! It’s wonderful to see how creative couples can be in the lead up to their special day. At Scorpio we’ve been discussing wedding traditions, old and new, traditional… and the downright strange. … Continue reading

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Sandals, sunny days and winter boots

A huge amount of activity is going on here at Scorpio Shoes as all the new spring and summer styles are beginning to arrive and our warehouse is starting to look like last summer’s shorts after Christmas indulgences – bursting at the seams! Watch our website as we try to get them photographed and out there for you as fast … Continue reading

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Not so much trains, planes and automobiles as boots, tattoos and the orient

The arrival of these two fabulous Japanese style tattoo print Dr Martens boots in our warehouse prompted all kinds of musing – once the oohs, aahs and “so that’s what I’m spending this week’s pay on” had subsided of course. It’s odd where a line of thought can take you.  Some of us older members of the team here (or seasoned … Continue reading

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Be Adventurous with Dr Martens

Dr Martens Meets Adventure Time! Here’s something for you to get your feet into – literally! Dr Martens are already an incredibly popular and well-known brand around the world for their unique style of boots and footwear focused on quality and comfort but they’re always looking at new ways to reach out and nothing shows that better than these limited … Continue reading

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Scorpio Shoes Now Offer FAST & FREE UK Delivery

GET YOUR SHOES DELIVERED FAST & FREE IN THE UK WITH SCORPIO SHOES Scorpio Shoes is pleased to offer our UK mainland customers FAST & FREE UK Delivery on all orders over £5.00 in value. We are constantly working with a renegotiating rates with our carrier services to be able to deliver not only great shoes at great prices, but … Continue reading

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Scorpio Shoes Fast & Free UK Delivery - Rates & Zones Map

Get Your North East Fashion Boutique Featured on Scorpio Shoes’ Recommended List

Get Your North East Fashion Boutique Featured on Scorpio Shoes Recommended List As part of our new SEO strategy, we are looking to build a page on scorpioshoes.com for “Recommended Fashion Shops” in the North East of England.  scorpioshoes.com/recommended-fashion-shops Notice anything about this list? Yup, its blank. We want to populate this list with carefully selected links to INDEPENDENT FASHION … Continue reading

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Come and get your tatts out with Scorpio Shoes

Well, it’s that time of the year again. The Manchester International Tattoo Show is rolling up and we here at Scorpio Shoes are eagerly anticipating its arrival. We will be there with a stall showing off a few of our best and brightest footwear. Brands such as Hades and Irregular Choice will be in attendance and of course the timeless … Continue reading

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