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In 1960, before Led Zeppelin, before Johnny Rotten and before The Beatles... SCORPIO was born.

With £40 in his pocket and fresh out of National Service, a young man set off from his humble beginnings in the North East of England on a journey across the country in his father’s old banger to find fame and fortune.

After being turned away from nearly every shoe factory in Northamptonshire and starting to lose hope, he made one last attempt and his luck was in.

As theatrical as it sounds, Ken left the factory grinning from ear to ear as he had just bought his first batch of shoes.  From there in 1960 – the same year that Dr Martens launched the now famous 1460 boot – Scorpio came into being.  Striving to promote self-expression and distinctiveness, Scorpio became a hotbed for a long line of cultural renegades seeking to assert their independence, uniqueness and their own brand of individuality.

Almost 60 years on from that first day, Scorpio has become a leading independent fashion shoe retailer. Voted by the Guardian as the best independent shoe store in the North of England.


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Scorpio Shoes

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