Rocket Dog

Maybe you've never heard of Max, a speedy little beach dog who gave his nickname to a start-up in 1997.As they grew the brand included fashion athletics and dress shoes that hit a sweet spot with style-hungry trendsetters, birthing a phenomenon in the youth culture scene; one with seriou...
Rocket Dog
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Looking for Rocket Dog shoes? Scorpio Shoes have the lot!

Rocket Dog Shoes – Diversity and Excellence in One Brand

For any fashionistas out there, chances are you’ll have a pair of Rocket Dog shoes in your footlocker – and you’ve got plenty of opportunity to add to your collection with our superb range of Rocket Dog shoes here at Scorpio Shoes.

Not many leading footwear brands have a collection which is as striking and diverse as that which is offered from Rocket Dog shoes – and it is safe to say some of their offerings really do have to be seen to be believed. Rocket Dog came into fruition in 1997 and have been turning heads for many years since – Scorpio Shoes is delighted to offer an extensive collection of Rocket Dog shoes for phenomenal prices.

Rocket Dog Shoes – A Youth Classic

Scorpio Shoes pride ourselves on the diversity of our footwear collection and our range of Rocket Dog shoes are extremely popular varieties amongst our younger clientele due to their unique and striking appearance. A few of our most popular types of Rocket Dog shoes include:

Here at Scorpio Shoes, we are pleased to be in the position to offer a truly unparalleled selection of footwear brands for unbeatable prices – something that really does set us apart from the run of the mill shoe suppliers out there. With names like Converse, Base London and Dr Martens amongst our offerings, you’ll find the perfect shoe for every occasion.

Rocket Dog shoes are definitely one of our most popular brands and their free spirited and immensely creative designs will be a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

For more details about our range of Rocket Dog shoes or any of our footwear brands, simply browse our website or give us a call on 01388 814 148 or contact us here.